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Anime Roleplayers Unite!

Our site has been revived!
Anime Roleplayers Unite!
This site is for roleplaying anime characters. And let's try to keep this site clean, please? We all have to try our best to help this site along, and since it's only just starting,
I think inviting friends would be a good idea. Message me if you want to make your own plotline, and I might, and I'm saying this as a maybe,
I might add it. It could be fun! Writers are needed at this moment, so if you want to join, please ask, and it can be granted.
New to Anime?
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Free Roleplaying is where you can create your own characters and roleplay your own stories.
There's no problem with them, but you can make one. There are humans, vampires, mermaids, nekos, and a lot more.

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